Mark Campanale

Financial and corporate architecture


Mark Campanale has over 25 years experience in sustainable investment.  Recruited as one the City of London’s first sustainable investment analysts in 1989 his areas of expertise and experience lie in the finance of clean tech companies; renewable energy, sustainable asset management and ecosystems services - particularly forests and agriculture.  He has been co-founder of a number of leading sustainable investment businesses including: the Ecology Funds at Jupiter Asset Management; The Sustainable Future Funds at AMP Capital; and Henderson Global Investors' Industries of the Future Fund.   Mark works with and advises a number of funds promoting sustainable investment in Africa, including both private and public equity strategies. These cover the renewable energy, biomass, carbon, agriculture and agro-forestry sectors. He chairs the Emerald BioEnergy Group, is an advisor to Armstrong Energy Ltd, a solar energy developer, and is the founder of the award winning Carbon Tracker Initiative. Mark has an MSc in Agricultural Economics.


Biksham Gujja

Low footprint, high value production

Biksham Gujja is an internationally recognised expert on water resources management and sustainable agriculture.  He has accumulated over 30 years experience of water management; improving agricultural productivity; rural development; rural finance; hydrogeology and the conservation of natural resources in a wide variety of countries in Africa, and Asia   Biksham has worked in corporations; rural development institutions; UN Agencies and international conservation organisations.  He is the author of several books and numerous scientific papers.  Among his current interests is the design and implementation of programmes that take to scale the System of Rice Intensification and the Sustainable Sugar Initiative, both of which are proven methods for improving crop productivity while reducing inputs such water, seeds and inorganic fertilisers. Recently, he received the Millennium Award ( for innovation in Agriculture established by Government of India and USAID.  Also, the Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative, which Biksham developed, has been awarded Water Benefit Certificates and as such, the first ever to he issued by the Gold Standard ( Biksham, who is also a founding director of IA²C’s sister company AgSri ( has a PhD and an MSc, .


Phil Riddell

Deal pipeline

Phil Riddell  is an internationally recognised expert on agricultural water policy with 40 years experience of irrigated agriculture and integrated water resources management.   His work has taken him to some 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Mezo-America to work with leading international bodies engaged in developing country agriculture.  These have included the ADB, FAO, IUCN, UNDP, WWF and the World Bank/IFC.  While on contract with the latter he was responsible, a/o, for the preparation of a wide range of irrigation based agri-business ventures throughout East Africa, where he was resident for ten years.  He has also been the senior international adviser to several countries preparing new irrigation policies and sector investment strategies.  Recently moreover, Phil was responsible for the major study: “Impact Investing in Commercial African Agriculture” which the Rockefeller Foundation financed on behalf of its Terragua network.  Also, in addition to his regular consultancy and writing assignments, Phil - who is also a founding director of Landscape Solutions Lesotho - was recently engaged by IUCN/GWI to research the reasons for and implications of the widespread inconsistencies between typical water and agricultural policies.  He has an MSc in Irrigation and a BSc in civil engineering.