IA²C has partnership agreements with:

AgSri (http://www.agsri.com/)
Phoenix Africa (http://www.phoenixafrica.co.uk/); and
The Blended Capital Group (http://blendedcapital.com/); and
Landscape Solutions Lesotho PTY Ltd.

IA²C only accepts briefs that are consistent with the high social and environmental standards which inspired establishment of the company.

Recent and current work includes:

  • The development of an investment concept in Tanzania based on a partnership between an already successful smallholder cooperative and commercial investment into increased production and enhanced value addition.

  • Assisting with the capital raise for a large, but socially equitable and environmentally sustainable sugar to ethanol Public Private Partnership deal, also in Tanzania.

  • Implementation of a joint venture with Phoenix Africa comprising a 15,000 ha mixed cereals venture in Sierra Leone (www.lionmountains.com) It is based on an investment concept whereby the community not only receive rent for the land that they have made available, but also receive royalties at a rate of 20% of profits. Already, locally produced rice is being bought, milled and sold domestic market, thereby contributing to national food security and the reduction of poverty.

  • Two of IA²C's experts assisted Adam Smith International to develop a technical and financial concept for commercialised smallholder rice and value addition for the DRC, in the context of the Market Development Component of DFID’s Private Sector Development Programme.

  • IA²C has been engaged by Adam Smith International to advise on i) ways to climate-smart public and private investments into rice and sugar value chains  ii) suggest other crops with high added value and out-grower potential, especially for Nigeria's northern states.

In addition, we have mandates from a range of so-called “Impact Investors”  looking for commercially viable, deals that are also socially equitable and environmentally responsible.  These investors range from “Ultra-High-Net Worth” individuals, through financial institutions to family offices.