IA²C and the African story

Commercial African Agriculture is not a new idea – after all, fortunes have already been made in and continue to be made in Africa’s agriculture sector.

But the story has now changed, not only in terms of opportunities to “make development pay” by means of profitable but environmentally responsible and socially equitable investment concepts; but also because the combination of:

  • Africa’s vast undeveloped land, water and human resources;
  • Increasing global population growth and changing dietary preference;
  • Climate change and sea level rise;
  • And economic/ land use transformation elsewhere,

means that the road to global food security will begin in Africa sooner rather than later.

Our experts have been closely involved with the African Growth story throughout their careers and at all levels from agricultural policy support, through sector investment planning to projects on the ground.  In addition, their extensive first hand knowledge of more than 20 African countries; their considerable and combined expertise in i) natural resource management; ii) agricultural production and iii) investment - along with their high level contacts among national governments and the international finance institutions - gives IA²C experts a unique role in the story as it emerges.

This role has not just been played out by providing advice on a consultancy basis – IA²C has also developed its own pipeline of attractive investment opportunities and has even taken an equity position in one of them.